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I am new to this site and in need of serious help :)

I am cooking dinner next Friday for 8, for my spouses birthday.. the group that is coming know their wines and food !!!

I wanted a great 5-7 course meal with the right wines to go with it..

thought of starting of with a nice soup and a light white ( pinot grigio) ?
then on to a salad ?
Lamb is the main course no idea what to put with it for sides and wine
then a cheese course
and dessert

help for wines and more improtantly recipes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you in advance
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Hello JuliaC and welcome to Chef Talk.

You've posted a cooking question in the Welcome Forum (which is for introducing yourself), so I'm moving it to a better forum.

Good luck with your meal!


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Wow! Maybe you should narrow it down for us a bit. What are you thinking about serving and then we can provide suggestions. I mean I can do a whole menu but it would be me, not you. Are you comfortable doing this alone? Are you looking for plates like Thomas Keller or Sarah Stegner? Stuff like that.
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