Hello all

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Hi people,

My name's Ryan, I work for a non-profit Theatre org. in Seattle.
I am no Chef, I'm just a guy who has found out over the last few years that he can make some pretty good food.
A good thing too, because my friends need to eat.

I have never worried about a career, only about art, love and life.
This cooking thing though...seems to call out to me.
I've never worked in a restaurant, and have no idea if I would like it or not.

But enough about that, I will ask my ?'s in the proper forum.

Untill than...
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Welcome aboard. Your enthusiasm is all you will need to part of our little community. Looking forward to your input and inquiries.
Joined Aug 29, 2000
I'd like to add my welcome to you, Ryan. One of the great things about this board is that all are welcome, whether professionals or amateur food-lovers. And there's so much to learn! Browse all the forums, check out the archives, and try a search for topics of interest to you.

We look forward to your posts.
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