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I've never been a chef but thought about it a lot when I was younger. My career decision was between cooking and aeronautical engineering. Engineering won out and now I help the Navy keep thier communications satellites working. I've always had a passion for cooking and eating good food. Now I'm looking for some semi-formal training. I'm not thinking of changing careers anytime soon and don't have the time to commit to professional level courses but I'd like to get some good instruction on technique as well as getting out of my rut of cooking the same five ingredients all the time. I'm looking forward to what I'll find and learn here. I'll do a lot of searching before I start to post but for now I'd appreciate any advice you might have on expanding my culinary horizons.
Thanks, Dan
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Dan! I am married to an engineer, so I know you guys are a flexible breed with a broad range of interests.

You have come to the right place to learn and make connections. As you have noted, browsing the board is a great way to learn. Use the search function to locate particular conversations of interest to you, and do look at older posts and the archives, too.

We'll look forward to your participation!

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Wow Dan sound like a pretty amazing career choice. Glad to have you at ChefTalk, we can always use more technical people around here. Feel free to post some questions in the Cooking questions forum it is a great place to start.
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