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    Just wanted to take the time to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is John, I'm a Sous Chef at a 64 seat Italian Restaurant in Stoneham, MA. I've recently made the jump from line cook to this new position (movin' on up haha). I'm 35 years old and have some regrets about not attending Culinary School so I bought some CIA textbooks and am currently doing a self-study program at my own pace. I am a father of two elementary school students and enjoy the outdoors as often as possible. I plan to spend the next year or two honing my skills and experience to prepare for a head chef position and eventually I'd like to open my own establishment. Any advice or helpful information on the self study thing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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    Thank you for the introduction, John. You've found another valuable resource in this community, as the members here are a rich source of knowledge you won't find in a book. On top of that, some of the pros here are culinary instructors. Ka-ching! Speaking as a home cook, I like to put in a good word for those of us who are the keepers of other kitchen knowledge- let's call it's Escoffier's granny's lore. You know, the food of one's childhood and the flavor memories you can't really learn in culinary school. Because of our international membership, you can learn the lore of grannies (and grandpas) from every continent here!

    We invite you to have a good look around the entire CT site. We have so much more here beyond the discussion forums: photo galleries, cookbook and equipment reviews, cooking articles, and more. The archives are stuffed with information going back 15 years, so make good use of the search tool.

    How did you get started cooking? Did you get inspired by someone special, by tasting or making something for the first time? Hearing these stories is fascinating.

    We hope you enjoy being part of this community, and that you share at least as much as you gain here. 


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    Welcome John glad to have you.