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Cooking and barbecuing is my favorite hobby and I'm hoping to turn this into a career over the next couple of years. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor's in Human Resources. I work as a tech support consultant for website customers, but when I can I'm behind barbecuing outside with a good beer in hand or trying a new recipe I saw on the Food Network. I started smoking meat during college and have been cooking since.

I have smoked over 40 briskets, which has been my focus over the years along with perfecting an original bbq sauce and rub that transfers well across beef, poultry, and pork. I'm still working to perfect my whole smoked chicken and branch more into pork. Since I was given a Cooks Illustrated cookbook and rubbing elbows with one of my best friends who's a chef, my interest in other foods has been budding. In the last couple months, I've been making everything from home-baked beans to vegan scones.

I've grown up in Texas, but my parents are from Norfolk, VA. I like my food with a lot of flavor and prefer complex flavors over simple. I like adding creative spins on classic recipes, which also makes my food stand out.

All that said, I'm here to learn by seeing what others are doing, and maybe learn a few things a few things about the catering industry.

Any input is much appreciated especially from old schoolers as I've only been doing this for 7 or so years. Look forward to future discussion. Thanks.
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Welcome, MaddDogg! We're glad you found us. It sounds like you've gotten into cooking in a big way. I think you'll find Chef Talk members, both professionals and home cooks, are happy to answer questions and provide encouragement. A lot of CTers are into BBQ and grilling, so I recommend using the search tool to dig up some of those past discussions. Home cooks are encouraged to read everywhere here, but mustn't post in the professionals' forums. Don't forget there's more here than only the forums! We have cooking articles, reviews, photos and a lot more.

We hope you enjoy the site and that you get a lot out of being part of the community. We hope you'll share your knowledge, too!


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