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Hey all my name is Faith I'm a First year culinary student at ICC. =) I love to cook and bake, my dream is to own my own bakery someday =) . right now i just go to school but hopefully soon i will be working in a kitchen somewhere =) 
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Welcome Faith, to ChefTalk!

I myself have only been here for just few days , but it's wonderful here.  There are lots of activities here and it's quiet addicting.  

There is a Culinary student forum just for the student(?), I'm not sure I haven't ventured out there yet because I'm not one of them.

Good luck on your journey to owning your very own bakery.
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Hi Faith, and welcome. You too, Byrdie--

I hope you both take some time to hang out in the culinary students' forum, and have a look at some of the older posts by using the search tool. We've been here 10 years so there's a lot to absorb.

Faith, I went to school at ISU and drove through Peoria on I-74 on my way home to the Quad Cities. I haven't been to Peoria for... several decades, though. :D

Good luck with your culinary education!


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