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My name is Jeff and I'm 37 wanting to become a chef. Now...I understand that I'm very new to this whole thing, but I've wanted to cook all my life. I have cooked for others and for family. I live for cooking...why...because when a person eats something that makes their mouth come alive...it brings forth smiles. When I see that, it makes me feel good that I could bring that to them. I am in the military right now and I am almost through with it. I plan to attend the AI in Portland and go from there. I hope to learn what I can from this site and take with me what I learned. I hope to get as much advice as possible about future decisions about how I should tackle this new career that I will soon start. I am single and love to cook for others in any form. I think that my favorite kind of cooking is baking and BBQ. But I really would like to broaden myself in every aspect in cooking. Well...not to ramble on and on. Thank you for any help. Good day and God bless. :peace:
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!

We have lots of members who have decided to try to join the culinary professions later in life. Have a look at the forum for students, I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice there - from professionals and those who are presently students!

I hope you will make the time to read some of the amazing articles on here, and view some of the wonderful photographs - lots of inspiration to be found, that's for sure!

Feel free to join on on threads you find interesting, or start your own. The professional forums are read-only for us amateurs, but you can certainly glean a lot of useful information, just by reading them!
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