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I just found this board and it's just fantastic! Thanks for hosting it

My name is Pat, and I have a small side business producing BBQ sauces and fruit preparations as Bernie's Country Kitchen. We do not have our own facility so we rent space in a shared-use commercial kitchen. The managers of the facility were a great help in showing us what we need to be registered with the feds and the state. They helped us every step of the way with licenses and certificates, and even referred us to a reduced-rate lab to write the scheduled processes for our bottled products.

While the sauce is cooking we use the ovens to bake, and sell the baked goods at a weekend farm market. There's not much money in the baking but we love to bake and the additional products help to offset the cost of the room. We make puff pastry, croissants, danish pastry, and lots of cookies, pies and cakes.

My favorite references are Julia Child, Gaston LeNotre, Alain Escoffier, Nick Maglieri, Maida Heater, Rose Berenbaum, Bernard Clayton.
(sorry for any misspelled names!)

My current FAV is a textbook called "On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals". I think I got it at the CIA bookstore. It's published by Prentice-Hall and I highly recommend it.

When I'm trying a new pastry I read LeNotre to find out what can be done, then Julia to see how I should do it, then On Baking to round out the background. I also check the "Professional French Pastry Series" by Roland Bilheux just for yucks, because their volumes and methods are truly impressive. I have 4 volumes of it and they are really, really the last word. But, again, I always turn to Julia for my final methods.

That's it!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, TapTapper! You're going to love it here, whether it's browsing the forums and adding your two cents; perusing the cooking articles and cookbook reviews; or drooling over the recipes. We're an eclectic bunch of fun people who share a love of food- you'll fit in perfectly!

Make yourself at home and dive in. We'll look forward to your posts.


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