Hello all! I need some serious help!!

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I'm 31 and have only been cooking for a year at home. I only used cast iron skillets and woks. I just got a job today as a line cook with a 5 day trail period. Please give me some tips! Do I need to buy my own knives? I also read that I should keep a small note book and write everything down. Which I'm going to do. But any other advice? I start tomorrow at 7am
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Listen more than you talk.  Ask questions if you need to but the other cooks have their own work to do, too.  Pay attention and be a sponge, learn all you can.  Work hard and do whatever you're asked, cheerfully.  Good luck!  I hope you nail the job.
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Good luck! Take deep breaths, ask questions, and above all have a desire to learn. Let us know how it goes!
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Wash your hands frequently.

Say "Behind you" in a clear voice when behind or approaching behind someone. 

Work clean and neat. Don't expect anyone else to clean up your mess. 

Don't hesitate to use the broom if need be. 

Keep your opinions to yourself. 

When finished with a task, ask for another. 

Say Please, Thank you and Excuse me frequently. Be cheerful, no matter how miserable you feel. 

Take direction well. If told you aren't doing it correctly, change the way you are doing it.

Be careful but not a sissy. You are working in a hot environment with sharp objects, open flames and hot surfaces. Be aware of that at all times. Work with confident awareness that you are in such an environment. 

As a line cook, learn your station. get your ingredients and tools ready for service in time for service. Make yourself a prep list so you are not caught short when service begins. 

Don't be emotional when you screw something up. Accept it, listen to the criticism, learn from your mistake and keep going. 
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Thank you everyone!! Its now my second day and I'm loving it. Although I burnt about 10lbs of bacon because I'm not used to it being in a oven and forgot. I'm keeping up but Damn is this gig hard.
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That's great!  Everyone, no matter how skilled, had to start somewhere.  Keep a good attitude and have fun- that goes a long ways.  I can tell you that I hire staff based on attitude more than skills.  I'd rather start with a green young kid that wants to work than a lazy diva with ten years of experience.
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Pay attention 

Be prepared

Know your station forward and back

Be fast

Be efficient

Be clean

Put your head down and say, "Yes Chef!"

And if you are in my kitchen, watch out for flying pans

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