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Hi everyone, I'm Stella from San Francisco! It's great to be surrounded with lots of Session dataknowledgeable people out here. I'm so excited to learn more about cooking since putting up a catering business has always been my dream. I look forward to get tips and advices from chefs and experienced cooks. Cheftalk Rocks! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

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Hello Stella, and welcome to Chef Talk. If you want to learn about the catering business, I recommend two steps: first, talk to someone who's an owner and learn all you can from him/her. While you're doing that, READ here: in the archives and past posts, accessible through our search tool, are years of experience from successful people in the business. Since you're not yet a chef (or food professional), please be very, very sparing about posting in the professionals' forums, as they're reserved for professionals. You're welcome to read and post freely in the general forums. Everyone, professionals included, read there, so your questions will get answers.

What was your inspiration to cook? Was there a person who inspires you most?

We hope you visit here often to learn and share on your journey. Welcome!


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