Hello all from NE Montana

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Hi. I'm a home cook.  Professionally a museum guy and have played around some with historic foodways, like making my own Civil War rations and living on them for a few days during a reenactment event, "Three sisters" gardens, etc.  I'm a  huge savory+sweet fan, I love veggies, and any opportunity to do something interesting with peanut butter.  I started eating healthy a bit over a year ago and have lost a good chunk of weight, and always looking for healthy cooking ideas. Also, life brings changes and I find myself cooking for one now, which is challenging when you're not used to it.  I started a tumblr blog as a virtual recipe box and look book for when I need some inspiration.  Once I gain the courage I may start posting my own dishes and notes there too.  
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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk ben.

Congrats on your victory over the scales!

I hope to see some of your rations in the Galleries.

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