Hello again.... everybody!

Joined Jul 19, 2010
I was on this site years ago.  Glad to be back!!!

I've received nothing but great info here in the past.  Thought I'd start a new profile and see what everyone's up to these days.

Just moved back to Seattle from Atlanta.  Working in a great restaurant, and am looking forward to talking to you all again.

It's late, because I just got off work... which I'm sure most of you know ALL about.

Let's talk about knives and stuff!!!

Joined Aug 29, 2000
Welcome back, CNB! With a different job and a different food scene, I'm sure you'll have a lot to share here. Enjoy the new sub-forum on knives and all the other great new features that have been added since you were here last. We hope you enjoy participating here again.


Joined Jul 19, 2010
Yeah, I'm loving the change in cuisine.  I don't know why I left home in the first place.

Thanks for the warm welcome Mezzaluna!
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