hellloo! just a lost sheep wondering around =)

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hey everyone!

new to the forum here! im very much a baby in this industry and a little lost. hoping the board can help me find some direction and provide sound advice. ive wanted to be a chef for as long as i can remember, with the classic story of watching and helping my mom cook and bake when i was younger. by time i was in middle school i was making cakes, cookies and pasta creations every weekend. i watched 'yan can cook', 'death by chocolate' and all the other early 90's cook shows religiously. my head was firmly wedged in my mothers old cook books, fascinated by lard and butter, i took stock of what was in the house and got cooking. sometime after going to school for graphic design, dropping out and becoming a cubicle zombie i remembered about that dream. i cashed out my 401k, left everything behind and went to LCB. I landed an externship at a prestigious 5 star hotel and resort in the mid west that will remain nameless. I was hired on after graduation and was there for two years where I witnessed all kinds of culinary disasters, mishandling of product, shameful acts and people that just didnt care about the food. i was just another pretty little extern that wasn't going to amount to much, so the majority of the chefs didn't bother to teach me or anyone else. i ive restaurant hopped since leaving that establishment, the experience left me wanting and still very inexperienced despite working in their various kitchens for 2 yrs. i'll get more into that in an actual post at another time. im hungry for the line, the experience and the knowledge. im willing to continue to put in the hours and the work, i just need to find a home..im hoping cheftalk fourms will help me find my way. =)
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk, where I am sure you will be able to get good advice from some of our members who range from rank amateurs to master chefs - and all points in between!  We are spread around the globe, too, so that can make for interesting topics.

The wikis, blogs, articles, reviews and photography on here are well worth spending time to view.  Lots of inspiration, particularly the photography.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.  There are also some professional only fora, where only those who are actively working in one of the culinary trades may join in the 'conversations'.

I attended a course at LCB in Paris, more years ago than I care to mention - it covered lots of ground in a short time,but was not a professionals course.  It has certainly stood me in good stead through the years and countless dinner parties and other 'do's'!  

It's a pity your 5 star experience was unsuccessful- but at least you know what you DON'T want to do in your professional life!
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I know exactly how you feel.  I have a Sous Chef that wants to teach me and I feel so blessed.  It is meeting that individual that see's whats in you.  I have to learn all I can here and take what ever comes at me.  Be patient and diligent it will come.
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