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    Hi all, I am only here seeking advise / recommendations please. I have been scouring many many web sites reading reviews asking questions. To be honest my head is begining to hurt. Some cooking sites are very anal but after reading many posts on here it seems far relaxed & less subjective.

    I understand that sharpening a knife it what makes a knife a knife. I am a home cook & a home cook only, what I am looking for is a set of 3 knifes to cover ALL types of use required for cooking in a home kitchen. Small up to 5", Medium up to 7" & Large no bigger than 8". I am unsure whether to go Japanese or German. I don't want to over spend for the sake of it, but can afford up £250 for 3 items.

    I am looking to find knives which are strong, don't rust & stay keen as long as possible.I know I am going to have to look after the knives to certain standard. 

    So far I am looking at 


    But any suggestions help guidance would be grately appriciated.

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