Heirloom carrots and roast beef

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    There's a strong movement over here towards using "forgotten" vegetables and all the sudden these wonderful strange looking carrots are in front of my nose. We all know that the orange carrot is a very recent vegetable that the Dutch have developed and has conquered the rest of the world. Not a bad word about those orange carrots, but what a bland taste they have compared to these heirloom carrots! All the sudden a carrot tastes very strong, almost like parsnips.

    Carrots; I peeled and then cut them all in different shapes then steamed them until just done, "al dente" if you like. I cooled them in ice cold water. Just before serving I melted some butter, sweated a chopped shallot and a little fresh ginger, s&p. No better food pairing with carrots than ginger!! The carrots went in to warm through, no coloring at all. Simple and easy and keeping that strong taste intact.

    I added a few Brussels sprouts and Vitelotte purple potatoes. Sprouts also steamed, potatoes boiled. Both reheated before serving in melted butter and a shopped shallot, s&p, nutmeg.

    The sauce is made by reducing red wine, chopped shallot, red wine vinegar, pinch of sugar, thyme, a few juniper berries, some dried shii-takes, a few fresh button mushrooms. After reduction, added veal stock and reduce some more. Sieve and season, add a few drops of Worcestershire and a small chunk of cold butter.

    Roast beef; I cooked for two, so this was a small piece of meat which is always more tricky to cook right. Started with searing the meat in a hot pan on all sides, season. In the oven on 80°C/175°F temperature for 25 minutes, then rested under alu foil.

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