Heavy Duty Electric Griddle Brands

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Hello! I am new to the forum. I am a cook and owner of a small restaurant in a resort community. My old Toastmaster electric griddle died , of course 4th of July week last summer. I quickly ordered a Star (piece of junk). So I am going to order a new one for this summer. I will get a 60 inch. I've been using a 48 inch. I have it narrowed down to a Wolf WEG60D, Garland E24-60G or a Hobart CG50-1. I have no choice but to use electric. My Toastmaster had the grease trough in the rear which was great and I am used to using but no one makes a griddle with the grease trough in the rear anymore. Does anyone have experience with any of these griddles and knows which would be the best? Does anyone make the grease trough in the rear? My restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only. We do 99% of our menu on the griddle. Does anyone have bad or good experience with the plate thickness? Sorry for all the questions and THANKS! ~Colleen

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