Heating foods at Farmers Market

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Hi all, started attending farmers' markets with my goods - frozen prepared meals. I would like to sample some items out, obviously would have to be heated.  We're not near a power source - anyone know of any battery-pack options out there for small warming appliances?  

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!
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Would that heat items up from cold? We're at the market's for up to 6 hours and I was hoping to decide upon a way to warm small bites up onsite for quick turn-over.
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There are numerous single burner portable units that run on butane or propane. Many catering companies use them. Hotels use them as well for  demonstration cooking in a dining room. 

 If you have a local asian market, they should carry them. A good restaurant supply store should be able to get them for you as well. 
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The butane cook tops are readily available almost everywhere. The bottles run about  $2 .

I see that you are a home cook. I'm curious what state would let you prepare meals for public consumption at home for resale.

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