Heading to Montreal (any suggestions)


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Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are heading to Montreal for a little R&R and I was wondering what your suggestions are for Montreal? Restaurants, Sites, Etc. Lets have them.

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Nicko, So glad to hear your coming to Montreal.  Will you be staying downdown ?

so many places to pick.....

Here are a few that are my favorites.

“Express” French Bistro

3927 St. Denis Montreal


Just about everything on the menu is great. I eat there alot and just love the food. It is not a fancy place put the food is just great.

Another little jewel...my fav.

Chez Levesque

1030 Avenue Laurier


The owner is a great man and knows his food. He has Chefs from Paris working for him and owns a home in France. The food  is out of this world. Classic French dining from a-z.

What do I suggest...........everything. Their steak tartar is out of this world. He makes everything according to season so the menu is always changing. Should you decide to go there let me know ahead of time.

If you are there, check out the new Gordon Ramsey Restaurant “ Rotisserie Laurier” ( 381 Laurier Avenue, corner Hutchinson) it just opened not that long ago. He had it made over and revamped the old menu and put a great spin on the menu. My girlfriend Kim spoke with him and had many good laughs with him when he opened up. The restaurant had its start over 75 plus years ago. Go for the chicken , you won't be disappointed.

Now if you are downtown you must go to:

Queue de Cheval – 1221 BLVD Rene Levesque O. 514-390-0090


A team of professionals that will make your meal a delight. They have a great wine list if your into fine wines.

Peter Morentzos, the owner is quite something, he has alot of know how and takes great care of his customers and staff. There is just so much to say about the place but if you go you will not be disappointed. (hope not)

You can order any of the diverse tartars on the menu, they are all great.

The aliki salad...a fav.

Like caviar ? Try the Petrossian.

The wine list is out of this world.......and the desserts ? All are on the mark.

Book ahead if you can, its a great rest. Near everything downtown. A place to top your trip off.

40 Westt Steakhouse another fav.

2305 Transcanadadienne (corner Delmar)

West Island, Pointe Claire


The steak to creme brulee....impeccable. There is jazz on weekends, wonderful.

Au pied du Cochon: http://www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca/ I know you have heard of Martin Picard.....

536 Duluth E. 281-1114

Well, its a fois gras experience............Poutine fois gras.....yes, just go there for that ! Mind you there are so many things on the menu it can make your head swirl. The maple products incorporated in the menu is something.

Try the Mousse de foie de pintatade, duck confit ( as its been discussed on CT is wonderful) Pied du Cochon beer: a very good beer. The dessert list....well the tarte au sucre or poire pochee and ice cream is something else.

Steak Frites another fav. In the old Port of Montreal 200 Boul. St. Laurent and St. Paul. Cobble stone roads and horse rides....very romantic.

Have a martini at Brandy's (opposite side of the street) and then check out the art galleries along St. Paul. You will find the Imax has some shows playing all the time. Vendors of all sorts are there to sell or entertain. It is one of my favorite places to be in the summer. And don't forget to have a beaver tail while you are there.

Its vibrant and alive at night......a romantic get away. Need I say “High Tea “ at Hotel St. James ? Two streets over.

Things to do? Check out the Montreal Botanical Gardens.


If you like Bonzai trees, this will take your breath away. There are so many unique gardens there with thousands of plants....

“The lookout” : just ask where the lookout out is and go there at night, maybe after a nice meal in China town and share a kiss. One of the most romantic spots in Montreal.

Oh there are some very expensive places you could go to.....but try some things that Montreal is known for.

St Viateur Bagel: http://stviateurbagel.com/main/

Smoke meat Deli “ Schwartz” : http://schwartzsdeli.com/index2.html and while your there in that area check out the Spanish Library for all great products of Spanish foods. Walk a little further and you will see a store selling all types of goodies.........all these stores are lined up.

I have many other spots..........I do not know when you are going but will gladly continue my list for the next couple of days.

Glad your coming to Montreal...........:)


(forgive the spelling mistakes....just saw your post)  
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Yes, in fact there are sugar shacks all over , mainly off the Island of Montreal . Everything is 15 minutes give or take from downtown. Hemmingford and Huntington and those surrounding areas have great sugar shacks where you can meet folks like Mr. Brown and his wife who will give you tours of their place and offer you a scoop of syrup right out of the boil.

Easy going but very hard working people devoted to great quality syrup, they pride themselves on it....along will all the maple breakfast buffets to go with it.

But if you head towards Quebec City, ....well, the sugar shacks and wineries, cheese making establishments are just terrific. 

There is a Market known as" The jean Talon Market" , there you will see all the farmers bringing the best of their farms to be sold. Vibrant , beautiful colors of vegetables, fruits and flowers. You will see some great chocolate makers , sausage stores, lavender (fresh, with all the lavender scents and gift ideas) , coffee tables and croissants and fresh corn on the cob,  served fresh to eat.

The rush of the early morning market is just something else.....it comes alive , the people, the aroma, the passion of Montreal .....

Across the street is the beginning of Little Italy . A  15 minute drive will bring you to the Greek village where you can taste a bite from "Afroditi Bakery"  (756 Saint Roch 514-274-5302) where you can indulge in the finest sweets in Greek cooking. The bakery is breathtaking inside, you can sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee and a sweet.

Then there is "Toque" http://www.restaurant-toque.com/   another little jewel.

I have not even hit Sherbrooke yet..............Oh MY ! lol ....I could go on....

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After eating at some of the top restaurants in the world , I could never off you a restaurant that could meet the same expectations but there a some little jewels around Montreal that have great tasting food and they are worth a try.

A few more little spots you may want to try;

Milo's Restaurant - 5357 Avenue du Parc (Park Avenue) 514-272-3522 Lunch Mon-Friday but not on weekends.

You will enjoy their grilled octopus and the sea bass , there are so many good choices on the menu.

The owner will be glad to meet with you and set up a nice dinner for you and your wife, just let me know your dates.

Da Vinci – 1180 Bishop (if your center downtown) 514-874-2001

Great veal tenderloin with chanterelle mushroom and thyme, some good desserts.

The owner, Renato who I spoke with today is looking forward to checking your website and getting in tune with CT. Please feel free to call him when your in Montreal and he will be most happy to have you at his restaurant.

Juliette et Chocolat – 1615 St-Denis

It is a small place but the crepes are great and the chocolates are wonderful. Oh a jewel.

If you decide to drive to St-Denis you may want to stop by at

Suite 88 Chocolatier

Best gelato , great chocolates too.

Opus II – 1050 Sherbrooke W. (corner Peel) 514-985-6252

Le Convivial – 4785 Sherbrooke (corner Grosvenor) 514-933-1000

Very good lamb , the dessert...chocolate, vodka, raspberry, and maple syrup all one one plate.

Chez L'Epicier – 311 St Paul E. 514-878-2232

Just a great little find.

Pho Lien – 5703 Cote des Neiges 514-735-6949

For a great bowl of Pho

Sirene de la Mer – 114 Jean Talon , Mont Royal 514-345-0345

This is a very nice restaurant. They have the freshest fish and seafood in a section right off the restaurant. The waiter will bring you to the “fish bar” and you pick out exactly what you would like to eat, then you tell the chef who is there how you would like it cooked and then head back to your seat.

There are endless apps to choose from.; a huge assortement of salads, squid, oysters, fresh fruit ….endless . If there is something special you would like , just ask them to call the chef to the table and he will do whatever you fancy.

Birks Cafe - 1240 Phillips Square 514-397-2468

If you go here you must have the Brunch or if later in the day....tea. Jerome Ferrer will speak with you if you advise the waiter. Wonderful food.

Fondue Prince Arthur – 70 Prince Arthur (in fact on Prince Arthur you will find many great restaurants, including some very good Polish food) Most rest. There will allow you to BYOB.

Bistro Cocagne – 3842 St-Denis 514-286-0700

Menu always changing but you will enjoy the pan seared foie gras, apple puree and chutney...

Casa Napoli – 6728 Saint Laurent

Go for the lunch menu.

Beaver Club- 900 Rene Levesque corner Mansfield ( 514-861-3511)

Great winery is you have extra time to spend is called L'orpailleur – 1086, 202 road Dunham


Great place to go first thing in the morning, an hour away, enjoy the drive and then taste some of the wonderful wines and have lunch there. Along the way are many little shops and stores.

Patisserie de Gascogne – 4825 Sherbrooke W. (corner Grosvenor) best croissants ….everything.

More things to see:

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – 1380 Sherbrooke W. 514-285-2000

I believe the Jean Paul Gaultier showing is still on.

Then there is the Biodome


Then my favorite which is close to my heart:

The Lachine fur Trade Museum . Before the gov't decided to convert into this museum, it used to be the house where my father and his family lived. Its all made of stone....in the back of it there is the Lachine waterway (still there but they redesigned it for boating and tourism)

If you go in that area , “Lachine” , there are some pretty good French Bistro's and cafe's .  
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