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My wife and I are going to the east coast March 27-April 2. We will be flying into Hartford CT and going to North Adams for a few days and then a little touring up in Vermont and New Hampshire. We are taking a few days to travel around. Restaurant suggestions in Hartford or surrounding areas? My wife is vegetarian.
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When you're in Vermont, if you are anywhere near Wilmington (halfway between Bennington and Brattleboro, at the southern end of the state), you MUST go to Le Petit Chef.

The chef-owner, Betty Hillman, is the daughter of the late Libby Hillman, a terrific teacher and writer out of Chicago. Betty's food easily rivals what I can get in NYC, and her wine list is quite good (including some organics!). If you call ahead, I'll bet she could do a fabulous vegetarian meal for your wife -- and you won't be unhappy ordering off the menu! (I'm only concerned that LPC might be closed for mud season while you're in VT. :cry: )

In Hartford, Paul always liked Hot Tomatoes. It's been a few years since he's been there, though, so it might have changed or closed.
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Peppercorns is very good and Max downtown is not bad but beyond that unfortunately Hartford is a culinary wasteland lol.
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Thanks for the great picks. I think we have got our meals picked out- Peppercorn Thursday night, Le Petit Chef on Monday and The Harvest in Putnam on Wednesday. Family stuff will chew up the better part of the weekend....

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