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Looking for an organized, efficient and creative chef with a passion for wholesome food made with great ingredients. This job will entail running a kitchen which will serve as the production kitchen for multiple retail locations opening in central London. This job will not involve extreme hours and it will involve a competitive salary. The job is in central London.

If you think this job is right for you please see the description below for more detail. Please email job applications with your cv to: [email protected]

Main Responsibilities 

  • Play a central role in the development of menu items working with a team of

  • innovative clean and lean followers.

  • Work with dishes and create the recipes and costs to support them.

  • Be informed regarding the menu, ingredients as well as promotions.

  • To be flexible with regards to external duties such as special events, promotions and demonstrations show casing Clean and Lean food.

  • To cook all food item in accordance with recipes and precedence.
Operational Health and Safety

  • Ensure the kitchen is kept up to cleanliness and quality standard.

  • Ensure the food production is kept up to standard and orders are completed properly.

  • Order, receive and stock ingredients, equipment, consumables and other supplies as required for daily production.

  • Organize opening and closing of the kitchen as well as other operational policies and procedures.

  • Maintain quality and consistency in both the quality of the product and the quality of the work.

  • Safely prepare ingredients required for food services to produce and organize the daily miss en place.

  • To ensure that all food is cooked and presented to excellent quality.

  • To carry out all food prep including meat, fish, veg and portioning of ingredients and packaging.

  • Responsible for compliance with company and industry food safety standards.

  • To ensure the proper handling of all food items in accordance with health & hygiene procedures.

  • Assist in the organization and stock take of inventory and supply.

  • Be responsible for safety and cleanliness in the kitchen environment.

  • Check fridge/freezer temperature as well as heating equipment temperatures to ensure proper functioning.

  • To ensure efficient stock rotation for all food, ingredients and materials.

  • To ensure any accidents to colleagues, guests, or visitors are reported.

  • To clean and maintain all kitchen areas, including equipment and tools to set standards.

  • To report any potential health or hygiene hazards.

  • Maintain cleanliness and order of work area and storage area- this includes but is not limited to: work bench, floor, fridges/freezers, sinks, equipment, walk-ins, pantry, and utensils.

  • Maintain cleanliness and order of common areas- this includes but is not limited to loading area, garbage collection, and locker space.

  • Provide any other duties as required this includes but is not limited to dishwashing as needed.

  • Take out garbage/recycling.

  • To complete documentation as required by set standards.

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