Head Cold

Joined Oct 23, 2008
Started thinking my throat was getting sore last night.. sure enough in time for the weekend got a head cold going.

So.. I figured this called for chicken soup. I've made chicken soup many times, and many ways. Thought I would throw out what I'm doing this time and see what others favorites are for this classic comfort food.

I am taking the approach of basically creating a chicken stock. I selected leg quarters, as they contain quite a bit of meat and are for some reason extremely affordable (I suppose a byproduct of all white breast and tenders).

I removed the majority of the skin, leaving behind enough to flavor some. I put together a very simple bouquet garni with thyme and rosemary. I also have white and black peppercorns and some coriander seeds in little tea holder. I added some red onion skins to give it a little color, and seasoned with a bit of salt.

For veges, I chopped 1/2 a red onion, 1 large elephant garlic clove, a bunch of green onions, 1 poblano pepper, several stalks of celery, carrots, and I have kale to add in.

The noodles are fine cut egg noodles. Should get me through the weekend and hopefully let me bounce back :bounce:

What's your favorite rendition of chicken noodle (or not) soup?
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