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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by lineage, Dec 4, 2014.

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    hi everyone, I have worked as a line cook and various other positions for some time now, burn have just been offered an opportunity to become a head chef of a new restaurant/bar opening up and I have been working with the owners and came up with a great menu etc, but as it gets closer I am getting more worried about failure. Like I said this is my first head chef position and I keep panicking I'm going to forgot to order stuff etc

    Basically I was just hoping someone might be able to give me some advice??

    Thanks you!!
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    You will forget to order stuff, etc. Who doesn't? The key is to minimize the number of errors. Errors only become mistakes when we don't learn from them. Errors occur. Mistakes are made.
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    Start by developing systems to help you remember to order the staples and the extra products needed for special events---and train your staff to be your right hand ---once you know what info is needed each week for ordering--have your staff gather the information for you---
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    The others have posted good advice. 

    You will make mistakes every day. When you do, do not get emotional about it. Learn from them, adjust accordingly and move on a little wiser. 

    Develop systems; for ordering, cleaning, and everything else.

    I will add this.

         Those things you need to do every day should be set up to be done effortlessly. This will enable you to have more time to react to the unexpected. 

    Work to keep your equipment (pots and pans, containers, hand tools as well as stoves and appliances) in good repair and make sure the staff understand this is also their responsibility. Respect isn't just for humans. 

    Pen and paper are your friends. I have found keeping a notebook handy for writing down observations about what needs to be done to help you remember what it was. This includes recipes, maintenance, employee problems, ordering needs, etc. I love Moleskin notebooks but whatever works for you. 

    Never get emotional, especially not during service. All problems are practical. Seconds count. Correct it and keep moving. 

    Keep going back every day, remembering what you learned. You will keep improving and it will get better. 

    Most important to me, Keep learning and adjusting. You may have an ordering system. If a better system comes along, use it. Same for everything else. 
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    Have some more confidence in yourself. Develop an I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE.  Owners would not hire you if they thought you could not do it. Most of all learn from your mistakes we all did.
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    Congrats!  It's natural to be nervous for your first Chef gig, so don't worry.  I suggest being organized.  Buy a bunch of pocket notebooks and use them.  Keep one on you all the time.  Don't be afraid to keep notes.  For ordering- yeah, we all make errors and end up short and we've all been shorted by a vendor.  Work on a par sheet so you know how much to keep on hand, that makes it a lot easier.

    Believe in yourself.  You'll make mistakes, we all do.  Own up to them when it happens and try not to make the same mistakes repeatedly.  You'll develop your own style in no time.