Head Chef/ Lease Kitchen in Westmont IL

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Looking for Entrepreneur to Sublease Kitchen. New location in Westmont. Ideal candidate will be an experienced restaurateur/chef who is looking for an opportunity to own a kitchen. Must have minimum two years experience.

Please submit resumes for review.

We were looking for one of two options.

1. To sublease the kitchen. You would own the kitchen and run it as a subcontractor. There will be a rental fee, but that includes all utilities, trash, staff, equipment, etc - we can go over all the details if this is an option.

2. Run the kitchen. The menu currently is pub style - burgers, chicken etc... This would be based on an hourly rate and responsibilities will be discussed

Thank You
Tony - 708-359-7799
Mike - 708-268-4050

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:
•Restaurant Cook/Chef: 2 years

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