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Born with leadership potential; style and effects refined and honed with training and experience. Not just chefs... all leaders.
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I remember reading an interesting training about how leaders and managers are two separate items. Leaders were basically grouped up into being helpful for the team and the here and now while managers were more hands off, bigger picture/company man sort of grouping. I believe you can teach people to be effective managers but a leader is characteristic that you are born with or without.
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I asked the question so here are my thoughts, I was a Chef in many roles for many years, leading teams from a very early age, even though learning through the process, having the attitude you never know everything.

I was always comfortable leading/managing people but always trying to educate and better my staffs knowledge, I always had the attitude I didn't need to remind my staff who I was and what I was trying to achieve!!!

I would always make them feel that they were a part of the success and we were always a team.

(Not one single person can create success, the team does)
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In my experience most stuff learned not innate to a person. We all have the same personality attributes but our default distribution varies. With a bit of work though anyone but the pathological can learn most any attribute and strengthen (or weaken) any of them.
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I noticed while moving up in this business the more I knew the easier it was to lead. Leading is a two way street. The people who you lead need to trust that you have the knowledge to go with the position. The knowledge you have puts them in a comfort zone and at ease that they will succeed by following your direction. A good leader has all the answers. The people who are led don't want to have all the responsibility that comes with having all the answers. A good leader runs to a problem all of their followers will follow if there is proven success of past problems. Good leaders are not born they are the ones that went the extra mile to learn and be in the position to have all the answers to put their followers at ease that they will succeed......ChefBillyB

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