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Hey! How's everyone doing? I hope well! :)

My name is Greg, or Gregory(which ever one is correct), and I just recently turned 19 years young. I've been into cooking since as long as I can remember, and have pursued a career path in the industry of the culinary arts. I currently work at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, and I feel very fortunate to be there. I haven't gone to any sort of culinary school yet, so I'm kind of using my work as a schooling resource at the moment. But, I do plan on going to culinary school in the near future. 

I came to this forum so I can ask certain questions, and hopefully gain some knowledge, inspiration, and/or ideas from some of the Chef's here with their experience in the industry. I'm still young, so I'm hoping to learn as much as I can to get a head start :)

Anyways, I plan on being active in this forum and learn! :D
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Hello Greg - welcome aboard!

ChefTalk is a valuable resource for those starting out on their culinary career - there is a specific forum for culinary students which you might find interesting.  It's not just for the students, but many of our chef members reply directly to questions posed in that forum.

Feel free to join in on any thread you find of interest, or post your own in the relevant forum.  The photographs, wikis, blogs, reviews and articles on the site are well worth spending some time to view, too.  Our membership is drawn from around the globe and that makes for interesting reading...  it's amazing how the same dish can be prepared quite differently in different countries and yet be called the same name - lasagne (with an 'e' in Italian and European countries, an 'a' in the US) for instance.

Hope to see you around the boards.
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