Have ingredient, need dessert/mixed drink ideas?

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I received several ripe avocados (Fuerte, I believe) for free from work, so I mixed up a concoction I haven't had in a while. We had a really nice sushi guy from Burma who would take the older avocados he had, mash them up and add condensed milk. I found the flavor intriguing, but not something I would do very often. Today, however, I blended up the avocado with some lemon juice and mixed it with slightly sweetened whipping cream and found the flavor to be truly delightful (though I was myself in the minority...).

So here I am, eating this rich, citrusy green "pudding" with a spoon and thought it would be even better with something. I have a couple dessert ideas, but would really like to try it in a mixed drink (which I should not be left to create on my own). Any thoughts, including desserts, would be appreciated!
Joined Sep 29, 2009
Creme brulee, for whatever reason, didn't cross my mind. I'm going for it, but would love for any other ideas.
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Ok, you broke me......

Chocolate and avocado pudding

You can make an avocado fruit salad with walnuts in a light syrup (papaya, pineapple, banana...) A dish made in Gautemala ....a dollop of coconut cream.

A Vietnamese avocado shake (Sinh to bo)

Ever had avocado puree on cod ?....I know desserts and shakes.....

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