have anybody been to this special restaurant

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This clips show an amazing and happy restaurant experience with a special cooking equipment in a restaurant named Honey Pig in LA. The customer cook the food by themselves. Lots of fun..
It is like buffet, but buffet serves cooked food.
this restaurant provide the ingredients and the customers cook them in hot cooking equipment in the middle of the table.
It is amazing.
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It's an AYCE Korean BBQ which specializes in pork.  The customers get their own meat and panchan from a buffet line.  Good, but not great.   They have two branches -- one in K-Town on 8th and the other in Buena Park. 

Although it may see exotic in Toronto, there's nothing novel about the idea in SoCal. We have tens if not scores of similar restaurants.   

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I c, when I look at so many ingredients, food and the big cooking table .
I am so exciting.

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