Have a new baker in the family


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We had a blast making brownies today, the kid is koo-koo for cooking.

Anyone else bake with their kids??
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Great photograph!

I sat at my Granny's and mother's knee to learn how to cook.  My children did the same.  I've never made a packet cake or soup or meal...!

You give children an advantage over their peers when they can cook.  My kids were the only ones in their shared student accommodation who could actually do more than add boiling water to pot-noodles!  Made them extremely popular.
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She's so cute!  Thanks for sharing that, rat.  I baked and cooked with my kids when they were younger and now that they're teens they're learning some simple meals that they can make that are first of all healthy and second off all do not come out of a box or can.  (needless to say my husband is not involved in this as well.. that's exactly how he cooks)  My daughter has decided that she wants to do something in the culinary world and it's baking she's leaning towards. 
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Such a precious little kid! It's good to let little kids be exposed to baking or cooking in such an early age. It can certainly be advantageous for them when they grow older. I've learned lots from my mom when I was growing up. I hope I'd be able to pass it on to my children as well. Thanks for the share!

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