Have a great weekend what are you cooking?

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London broil is $1.99/lb. this week so I see burgers in our future, lobster is $5.99/lb. so maybe lobster rolls one day too.  Fresh corn, tomatoes & peppers all work well together.  Going to the tractor pulls at the county fair saturday so will probably eat something there.  Nothing like fair food at the end of summer.
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2 BBQ parties scheduled, one at my house, no idea what I'm going to grill yet. Guess I'll be watching this thread! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Our labour day is on 1 May, so definitely not sure what I am going to eat by then /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif

Hopefully I have time to do some beef ribs on the bbq this weekend
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Steak steak steak!  Everyone loves a good steak.  And for a big party I like skirt steak, so cheap and easy.  Shrimp skewers are so easy and everyone loves them too.  Or, you could go Long Island clam bake!
I wish! Steak is getting quite expensive over here and it may not be my choice right now... and boy how much do I LOOOOVE skirt steak but here it's expensive - $14.99 at the store I like to buy meat from (even their bone-in rib-eye steaks are less expensive than that). I know, most of you probably think it's crazy money, but this is L.A. I'm sure you can get cheap skirt steak at a tiny carniceria but I've found a source I trust, and I'd rather buy from them when I can.

But steak is good, you're right, for sure. So I'm thinking maybe a couple of tri-tip roasts. That should work! :)
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The LA prices are outrageous, a friend lives in Hollywood steps from a Gelsons, he will send me pictures of meat in the case with crazy prices when the same cut and grade here is $15-20lb less.
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I offered to bring a picnic to my sister in laws place on the river.  The sister and her husband,  they are great friends.  Now wife and sister have me up to 18 attending.  I have to go back to the store.



hot dogs

Potato salad


caprese salad




pecan pie and Ice cream


It should be fun.  We have grandchildren to teach about watermelon fights.
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Ended up finding Prime tri-tip for $7.49.lb at Costco, now that's reasonable, at least by L.A. standards. So tri-tips and bratwursts because kids just love sausages. Gotta have to think of a couple salads to accompany all that. 

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