Hats/Bandannas cause Hair Loss?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by enasnitonmi, Jun 10, 2012.

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    I have been working in a kitchen for 6 years now and have been attending culinary school for 3 years now and about to graduate. I have had long hair since I was in my early teens with decently defined widows peak for what I can remember before working full time and school. I started out just wearing a baseball cap, then moved to bandannas for the past 2 years. In school we wear skull caps and have been allowed to wear some chef hats depending on the environment.

    My concern is, as of the past 2 years my hair has started to thin at my widows peak, I blame the constant use of bandannas and skull caps as the reason why considering im in the kitchen atleast 6 days a week for hours upon hours. Does anyone have any recommendations for head-wear in the kitchen that does damage hair? A hair net is starting to sound real good >.<

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    It's not always because of head covers.  Sure, if you wear a tight-fitting hat people say that it'll make your hair thin out...but sometimes it's genetics.  I have a good friend that was bald (Well not completely, just "Patrick Stewart style") at age 28, and he never wore/wears hats. 
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    Most baldness in males is a combination of genetic predisposition and enough male hormones to make the predisposition kick in.  I'm not sure, but i suspect that's why mostly men are bald (with the typical "pattern baldness" starting at the temples and the top back of the head).  Women get the gene too, but don;t have the hormones.  Women sometimes get some baldness at menopause when the female hormones diminish somewhat.  Most women who lose their hair have alopecia, which is usually psychologically caused, or has a basis in skin conditions that destroy the root. 

    If wearing hats caused baldness in people who are not predisposed men, then i would assume that women who wear hats all day at work would show a lot of hair loss too - so check out the hair of the women in the kitchen!
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    Genetics, and age are primary factor. I have worn hats all my life and still have a full head, as did my father and grandfather.