Has anyone seen the New Oxford Compaion to Food?

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I saw an interesting book today on tv; and was wondering if anyone had heard about it, The Oxford Companion to Food? I'm English; and so I'm always interested in good books, especially in the area of history of food, and our culture.
I hope to get myself a copy as soon as I can, most likely from Amazon or somewhere like that; because they sell books quite reasonably, and I don't live near a major bookstore, so ordering online is very convenient.:)
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The Oxford Companion to Food came out about three years ago, I think. It's an excellent reference work, though there are errors here and there. Penguin (at least in the UK and Aus) have just published the Penguin Companion to Food which is, I believe, and paperback abridged version of the original.

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I just got the Oxford Companion to Food for my birthday. It came out in 1999. It's good, but doesn't go into a lot of detail for some things, and too much detail for others. It's a good reference for most common foods and some odd things.
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It took the poor author 30 years to write....Good but not as good as Larousse....enjoy

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