Has anyone read this yet?


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Whoever said that hot line cooks have it easy?!! They are the dogs that keep a restaurant going!!

I haven't heard of this book yet, but now that you have turned me onto it, CC, I am definately going to have to find it and read it. Thanks!!
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This was our projected budget for sales in March: $22,000 in the restaurant and $13,000 in banquets. We only did about $1300 in banquets, though, but still exceeded our budgeted gross sales. You do the math then tell me that line cooks have it easy.

Back to topic, I haven't read that book nor even heard of it til now; thanks for the post, Cape, I'll have to find a copy!
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Ah, the British view! And just when I'd sworn off buying any more books ...:(

Is it available here in the States? Looks really interesting.

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