Has anyone left the industry and come back?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by jim5283, Dec 12, 2011.

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    After working for 3 restaurants within 2 years which closed, I became very frustrated. So a friend of mine suggested I put in an application at his place of employment, which is in the "manufacturing" industry. I did, and got an offer. So for the past year I have been working there. I make pretty decent money, have health insurance and a 401k. Recently I have been thinking non-stop about cooking and getting my feet back in to a kitchen, as I miss it tremendously. The money I am currently making, insurance and all the other perks really do not mean much to me, as I am not happy. I think the time away from the kitchen has given me some time to mature and really understand what makes me happy in life and as a career.

    Have any of you left the industry for some time, but only to go back?

    Thanks for any input!

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    In 95 I left for about 1.5 years and came back with a better understanding of what was expected of me.  I was more dedicated and focused on my career at that point and I went at it 100%. It can be done you just need to want to do it and understand that the industry is brutal and can be relentless.
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    I recently just got back in and couldn't be happier. My pay is lower and my hours longer, but my mood and general outlook has improved tremendously. My girlfriend is actually the one who pushed me to give it another shot, cause all I would do when I was home was read cookbooks and cooking books and watch cooking shows.