Has anyone here trained up staff through supported employment??

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    Hi guys,

    After a bit of advice when it comes to training a very talented 16yo autistic girl...

    So far, everything she has made for me has been brilliant.. I'm giving her hints here & there.. But so far so good...

    the problems I am facing with her at the moment are trying to build her confidence up & trying to get her to work on busy nights....

    i am basically getting her in to do prep for me for the week while things are full on... But if I do push her on working on a busy night, she's ok until I turn the (very loud & old) canopy on.. It's a huge sensory overload for her & she just bursts into tears... Am hoping the government will replace it with a nice quiet one for her.. But it will take time...

    my biggest thing at the moment is trying to come up with recipes for her that are pretty simple, but hard to stuff up to give her the boost she needs to be able to work the busy nights... I now have her doing prep & cooking the char grilled veg, cheesecake, tiramisu, etc... (she makes an awesome apple pie from scratch... Pastry included!!)

    does anyone have any other recipes that might help??

    She is such a sweet kid & I'm determined to make it work for her... It's just baby steps at the moment... Her biggest thing is her confidence...

    if you happen to have any recipes I can get her making & put on the specials board, it will be great for her!!