Has anyone heard anything on the 2009 bordeaux's?

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Has anyone heard anything on the 2009 bordeaux's?

I heard someone say they are suppose to be really good, but then I heard another person say, people say that about Bordeaux futures every year.
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If your particualarly interested in the 09 Bordeaux, i suggest you get a copy of Decanter magazine on the issue. In summary, their saying that it had perfect growing conditions although the winemakers got a little edgy and perhaps, over excited in their picking and thus made human errors into what could have been amazing wines. People are a little wary because during the 2005 vintage, they heralded as nearly a once in a life time thing so the fact that its in the same DECADE, their like hmmm...

The En Premieur tastings however, have had very positive feed back, although we gotta remember these are mainly on all the top most Chateaux's. I think you just gotta be a little careful in buying the 2009 vintage when it comes out and make sure it was from a steady producer.
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