Has anyone ever (violently) dressed a salad? (Northern Italian style?)

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I remember a loong time ago, eating a (romaine?) salad at an italian household where the greens had been beat-up by shaking them in a metal bowl, tossed in lemon juice, and allowed to sit for a while.. basically the opposite of what the rest of us do (toss gently, dress immediately before serving). I think the family was from milan.

I've tried googling for about 10 minutes for a recipe. I tried doing this a couple times this week, and both times it came out too lemony and droopy.

Has anyone ever dressed a salad this way?
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It sound like an attempt to quickly simulate the effect of a day-old leftover salad. I’ve never heard of such a process. I hate leftover salad but my wife loves limp soggy leftover salad and so too might that Italian family.
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I do shake to dress my salad in metal bowls. Never do it long enough to bruise the leaves though.
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I make a salad very much like the one you describe.
Not everyone likes it and I have to agree with those who are not fans that limp acidic greens can be a huge turnoff.
The recipe can be found by searching Hoffbrau House in Austin.
I ran the bar at one of their spinoffs and became quite fond of not only their garlicy buttery steaks but that salad which gave the meal a much needed hit of acid.

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This is done to tougher greens like kale. It’s called macerating and it’s done by adding oil and acid to raw leaves and then massaging, although it’s not necessary to add violence.
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