Has anybody used kitchit or kitchensurfing?

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by Guest, Jan 30, 2015.

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    For a while now these services have been contacting me to participate but I haven't had the time. Was just wondering how they work for other chefs. I have tons of questions I would like to ask them but they only give a sales pitch. Has anybody had a success with this type of service? 
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    I did KitchenSurfing for along time here in Boston.  Since late 2012 when they were just testing the market.  I've cooked for the founder's family and also done investor dinners for them along with adhoc photoshoots, etc.  I think KitchenSurfing (KS) is a great idea and may work for you....but I have my reservations about the state of their platform, ongoing development of useful chef-facing tools, and the direction that they want to push the product.

    In the beginning, it was very chef focused.....creating a story behind you....the chef (talent)...now they've received alot of investor funding and need to monetize the platform to generate some returns....taking 10% of $300 dinners isn't going to do that.  They're recently just cut all local staff teams in cities other than NYC....and have failed to relate what their vision is for greater platform integration/ use among it's target markets....so I bailed.  I really like some of the team in NYC but I have a business to run and they became less and less of a revenue generator for me. 

    It was very helpful in helping me get my own company/ pop-ups going but long-term I'm thinking they're floundering.....

    I have no experience with kitch-it, dinnerlab, chef'd up or any of the other plethora of platforms out there.....