Harvest has begun big time in my Iowa garden

Joined Mar 3, 2008
12 large heads of cauliflower, bushels of spinach, chard, lettuce, sweet peas, beets, radishes(almost done),yellow summer squash, broccoli by the gallons,kohlarabi, and raspberries all picked this morning before it gets to 95.  Will take care of veges in the cool  instead of gardening today.  Everything looks pretty good.  Tomatoes are shoulder high, winter squash vines look healthy(pray for no bore), cabbage coming along.  Potatoes vines are huge but not as many blossoms as usual, hope that is not a bad sign.  Onions are not as big as usual for this time, but ok.  melons have hundreds of blossoms.  If even a fourth mature it will be too many.  Need some rain, but not desperate.
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