Harry Potter 3

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Have you seen it?

I saw it today. I'd say the new director is GREAT. He got a wonderful performance out of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry)- before this his acting was quite wooden. It's a very different atmosphere than in the first two films- even the opening is different: ominous, dark, dangerous-looking.

What's your take on the film?


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Uhm... we just got done watching Return of the King last night. I'll let you know my take when the DVD comes out! ;)


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We saw it today.

Visually very nice, a step up. But.

The story didn't flow or work at all. It relied too much on the audience having read the book and even then there was no explanation of important events, the identity of Prongs for example and the beginning of the backstory of the four friends and their mistreatment of Snape.

So while the kids are growing as actors, without the support of the story, their parts didn't really come to life.

The perception that Americans won't watch a longer movie and the economics of fewer showings at theaters for long movies, really deny moviemakers and audiences the opportunity to explore better films.

This film needed more scenes and more time.



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I have to agree with phatch. There were just too many elements that were missing from the storyline. Elements that are very important to not only this storyline, but to the following storylines. With a mere added 20 minutes most of these important points could have been covered, making the movie flow more smoothly. I see no reason that the movie should have been cut short. It has been proved again and again, in recent years, that Americans are willing to sit through longer movies, if the director can keep their interest. Look at Braveheart and LOTR trilogy.

That being said, I love the look and the feel of this new director. Everything seems to be just a bit grittier, and Hogwarts grounds are great. I have always felt that Hogwarts was just too "set-like" but now it really feels like a real place. Though Radcliffe has a long way to go in developing his acting abilities, I think he was much better in this one and the two who play Hermonie & Ron are doing a great job. I also love to see how these kids are growing up. A couple to the kids I didn't even recognize at first. It took me a moment to recognize Neville.

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