Hard-neck garlic

Joined Nov 15, 2012
I have limited experience with these, but that experience has been that they are stronger, and bitter if raw of lightly cooked. Is this typical?
Joined Oct 31, 2012
I think it depends on what variety they are. I don't remember the details but at the last local garlic festival all the farmers had lots of different varieties like Rocambole and others and they all had different qualities.
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Hard-neck is stronger and the oil is very sticky. It lasts much longer than soft-neck. It's my favorite type and it's time to get it in the ground. I usually plant 220 and last year got 195 back. The year before was 100% return - a record around here. As for the different varieties some are spicier than others. Mine has been so mixed together it's like a box of chocolates - I have no clue other than the German red.

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