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Candy - Making Chart

Scalded Milk 150°

Thread begins at 230°
The syrup will make a 2" thread when dropped from a spoon.

Soft Ball begins at 234°
A small amount of syrup dropped into chilled water forms a
ball, but flattens when picked up with fingers

Firm Ball begins at 244°
The ball will hold its shape and flatten only when pressed.

Hard Ball begins at 250°
The ball is more rigid but still pliable.

Soft Crack begins at 270°
When a small amount of syrup is dropped into chilled water it
will separate into threads which will bend when picked up.

Hard Crack begins at 300°
The syrup separates into threads that are hard and brittle.

Caramelized Sugar 310° to 338°
Between these temperatures the syrup will turn dark golden,
but will turn black at 350°.
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