Happy Summer Solctice Day

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HAPPY SUMMER SOLCTICE DAY Im off up the road to stonehenge to sacrifice a goat to the pagan gods I shall then make a curried goat stew & feed the hippies for three pounds a bowlPEACE
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Nothing as exciting as what you are doing, Mike. Just go dig a big hole and look for rocks. There is a nice hot springs pool down the road from the digging site and usually a soak and a few brewskis help wash away all that dust. Should'nt see a lot of people maybe 15-20 all day up there because it is supposed to rain or snow. I love going up there and hunting for crystals. After 11 seasons I have a large collection, but still looking for "the big one". A couple of years ago after slaving away all day and having lousy luck, I'm walking back to my car with my tools and here is some older gal who had never been there before. She had a plastic bag and a little garden trowel and knocked away a little dirt from a diggings and found a perfect pink amythest the size of a softball. You just never know.

You know there is a replica of Stonehenge in Washington state? It doesn't work though.
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hey peachcreek,,,, looks like i need to plan a trip north for my next dig. i went to arkansas a couple of years ago and had a great deal of luck with quartz. i spent three days digging and came back with quite a load including a couple of smokey quartz phantoms a 6oz. tabby point and loads of little clusters and jewelry points. there is nothing cooler than diggin for crystals in the october breeze for hours on end..if you have any pics of your finds i would love to see them.later
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Peachcreek, How much would that ladies rock be worth,facinating
hobby that i used to practice when i was younger but got fed up with polishing the things although the end result is always a joy.
Get my energy now from sugar & hugging the odd tree. Also fish a lot as its less taxing.

Soussweets; your just full of suprises......HIPPY


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