Happy St. Venison's Day

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A royal rant...

Tomorrow begins the rifle season of deer hunting here in Michigan.

People here take this yearly ritual very seriously.

Businesses close down, and even kids get out of school.

All life stops for the next few days.

I have a mere 8 around the table, and it's a good thing that I'm too busy preparing food.

The testosterone that leeks from these guys pores is mind boggling. These guys are serious.

Many would say that deer hunting season is more of a party time for the guys. They leave the wife and kids, pile all their deer gear into the truck and head on out to bag the big one. More often then not, it is more drinking beer, BS-ing with the guys, then it is about hunting.

In many cases deer hunting "camp" as it is called is a time when the guys ( and/or gals) get away to be with their on kind and do all the things they would never do while at home.

Menus vary, but on the most part the guys enjoy things like pizza, spaghetti, roast beef, chicken etc...all plain fare. 

In my case as a private Chef, and all things being equal, I provide the guys with regular food as well, except that since I still owe alligance (sp) to the boss the menus must reflect my culinary expertise. 

And the guys......well they're just there for the food (and booze)

Here's my menu this year for the 1st 3 days:

Sunday 14[sup]th[/sup]

[sup]Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with Chef’s Marinara[/sup]

[sup]Sourdough Baguette[/sup]

[sup]Caesar Salad[/sup]

[sup]Grilled Strip Steaks[/sup]

[sup]Garlic Roasted Mashed Red Potatoes[/sup]

[sup]Fresh Vegetable Medley[/sup]

[sup]Lemon Tart[/sup]

Monday 15[sup]th[/sup]

[sup]Vegetable Spring Rolls with Asian Dipping Sauce[/sup]

[sup]Sourdough Baguette[/sup]

[sup]Potato and D.I. Leek Soup[/sup]

[sup]Gr. Haley’s Fried Chicken[/sup]

[sup]Cole Slaw and Roasted Potato Wedges[/sup]

[sup]Paris Breast with Strawberry Mousse[/sup]

Tuesday 16th

[sup]Beef Teriyaki Skewers[/sup]

[sup]Sourdough Baguette[/sup]

[sup]Wedge of Iceberg Lettuce with Peppercorn Dressing[/sup]

[sup]Celebration Venison Liver with Bacon and Onions (Alt: Strip Steaks)[/sup]

[sup]Pomme Frites, Fresh Vegetable du Jour[/sup]

[sup]Fall Apple and Spice Cake with Maple Pecan Glaze[/sup]

So, for the next few days, I feed these guys Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, while listening to the BS. It's quite entertaining.

The ladies that serve are appalled by the guys behavior and some have even quit over the years because of same.

Ya gotta love St. Venison's Day........
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It's strange that Michigan's deer season starts so late. In Louisiana, the first deer season opened back in September. Deer season for gun hunters opened at the end of October where my parents live. Good to see you guys will have a few good venison meals coming up.
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No wonder the King saved it fer hisselveragesses... (look up Selferidges)

My three years in the Colorado Rockies (Leadville ftw, 10,200 ft for the highest town in North America) led me to believe there was a reason all that venison/etc they saved was for the win...
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Leadville ftw 
Am I back in the Rivals football forums?

Seriously though, Leadville is a cool place. My parents have talked about moving there now that they're getting older. My dad lived in Aspen back in the 70s, but says it's just way too yuppy now. I have to agree.
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