Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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Yep.. today is the day... I have turned the double fours....  and my family is totally awesome!!  My daughter cooked dinner for us (and she did an awesome job) and OMG what surprises were in the gift bags and boxes.  Some of the stuff I collect, some bath goodies and........ a new to me macbook!!!  I wanted it for my recipes as I have been slowly digitizing my books that are full of ones that are clipped from mags and I was going to get a cheapo pc one but dear husband did not want to hear of me doing that (he is anti pc) so he bought me the macbook I wanted to buy from his work. He lagged on getting it.. always had an excuse and then I unwrapped it today!!  Yeah I know I got a used thing for my birthday but it is exactly what I need for what I want to use it for and... it is wifi capable so I am sitting here in my comfy chair surfing the web instead of on a hard kitchen chair!!  
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Happy Birthday!!

I expect to see a lot more posts from you if you're mobile.

a used mac, no problem, for his birthday just throw a rose in your hair

and tell him you got him something used/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif

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happy birthday leeniak...cheers to a year full of new adventures, surprises and good health...just had one myself recently...they need to put a warning sign on all mirrors like they do on cars....you know the one,'objects may appear larger than normal'!!! as a mac user, i'm telling you will love it...its so rightbrained!!!!

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Joey,  I am a mac user and while I can use a PC the mac is just so much more user friendly!  I am a cook not a computer programmer and when I need to do something on the computer I expect it to be easy and at times the PC is a challenge. 

Panini when I have the time I will post lots more but right now I am so busy learning the new job I have no idea which end is up.  They wanted me to spend two days downstairs to see where the prep guys are needing guidance and then I was told today that I need to spend more time on the line (I already knew that) and well ack..... I am one person and can only see so much at one time... shoot me now!!  But I will get through it... The owners are really nice people and I like them alot and they are both hands on are very good businesspeople and both totally get this industry.    The fiancee is still getting her feet wet as she has just been in and out so she and I need to learn to work together and I think it will work well and he is self taught with 20+ years in the business and his mom is a professional baker.  They are both just on different pages at times and I will learn to deal with that... anything I tell them I tell the two of them so they know and I am very good at  using the cc feature in mac mail! 
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I am good with secondhand gifts... I love antiques and anything pre-1950 so I get alot of used gifts....LOL
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How in " Holy Happy Birthday Batgirl" did I miss this post.............Hope you had a good Birthday, sorry I missed it................Take care............Batman
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