Happy Birthday Phoebe!

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Happy Birthday Emily!!! :bounce:

I wish you the best! May you become a hundred!!!

What birthday cake will you make?
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Wait -- I'm confused. Now that we know that Phoebe is the cat, is it really Phoebe's birthday, or is it Emily's??? :D

Whichever, have a purry happy birthday! :D
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You make a good point, but why split hairs? It's a party! Whoo hoo Happy Birthday to both of you, just to be on the safe side!:bounce:
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This is such a nice way to spend part of my birthday!

And now that I've exposed my split personality, I guess I should share my birthday with Phoebe the kitty. HOWEVER, she decided to bellow at us from the hallway at 4 this morning and then jump on my face :eek: . So no birthday cake for her. (she doesn't much care for people food other than ripe cantelope anyway :D ).

As for cake, I'm not baking anything today. We're going out to dinner :bounce: . But I am planning on trying an Espresso Brownie Cake recipe I just found for David for Valentine's Day. So I need to troll past posts to get a sense of what the best unsweetened chocolate is (and the same for semisweet chocolate chips).

Thank you all again! :roll:
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