Happy Birthday, Pastachef!!

Joined May 26, 2001
Hope you've been off from here cooking wonderful stuff for your "girls" :D We've missed you. :(

Wherever you are, have a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Joined Nov 20, 2000
Happy Birthday Mrs. Calabash....I mean PastaChef wherever you are.
Many happy returns!:D
Joined Nov 19, 1999
Hi Suzanne. I just happened to stop by here and found your birthday greeting. That is so sweet of you. I have been very busy with plans for a wedding that I did just today. It's finally over and off my mind. It was a 12 hour day, with a staff of four. It went very well, but I am exhausted. And I love it! :) I was so caught up in it that I forgot my birthday. Thank you again.
Joined Nov 19, 1999
Thank you Chrose, and Momoreg:) So much has happened since I visited here on a regular basis. I guess I got too caught up in work. It's good to see everyone's posts again. Chrose? What's a Mrs. Calabash? LOL!

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