Happy Birthday, Panini!

Joined Jul 28, 2001
Thank you for your wishes.
The French Room tonight.
I'm so moved by your birthday greetings that I am going to donate $1. to CT for each year I've been alive. I hope the $29. gets them on their way.
luv ya'll
Joined Mar 4, 2000
29? You can't be THAT old!!

Hey, Panini, it's almost midnight here, but with the time change, and an extra time zone between us, you still have time for another birthday drink on me.
Joined Nov 20, 2000
Hey Panini! Happy Birthday old man! Hope your birthday is a great one and you get lots of dough! :D :D Ahh hah hah, dough....get it.....

Sorry:) Hope you had a great one.
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