Happy Birthday Mezzaluna

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Wonderful Mezz!
To a year of good health, wealth and wine!

Happy Birthday!

Jim, Ruth, Abby, Olly & Noah
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Ditto all the above, Mezz.! I thought yours was on the 17th. I'll get it right one of these years. Happy day.:)
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I wish you all the best in health and happiness for your new year.

:roll: :roll: :roll:
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Happy Birthday Mezz oh ye from Wisconsin: Land of funny accents.


Dumb Wisconsin Laws

Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons.

As people used to smuggle it in from Illinois, all yellow butter substitute is banned.

At one time, margarine was illegal.

State Law made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.

While all cheese making requires a license, Limburger cheese making requires a master cheese maker's license.

Have a wonderful birthday and don't get arrested!:D
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Happy birthday to you
squashed tomatoes & stew
bread & butter in the gutter
happy birthday to you

How old !!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you everybody, for the funny, warm and quirky wishes. So far I spent an hour in a great Italian food emporium in Kenosha, lunched with frends, browsed for half an hour in another nice food store, and am relaxing while waiting to meet my husband for dinner. Life is beautiful when your birthday comes on a day you don't have to work!

Chrose, those cheese laws were finally all lifted (I don't know about the limburger one) in the past 15-20 years I think. When my Wisconsin relatives visited us in Illinois in the '50s and '60s, they would buy lots of yellow margarine to take home to Milwaukee. Protectionism isn't fun.

Jim, I will indulge with a really big red wine tonight with dinner. L'Chaim!

Hugs to everyone. You are good people to say such nice things. :blush:
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Ooohh, Mezz...I missed your Compleanno!
Hope you have had a wonderful birthday...eating great Italian food, of course;)

Cento di questi giorni!:bounce:

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Thank you, Pongi! That's exactly what we did. Since my husband had to work that day, we went to a local Italian place where I enjoyed canneloni stuffed with veal and mushrooms. The next evening I made grilled chicken with insalata capresi and prosciutto with melone. What a birthday without something Italian! :bounce:
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