Happy Birthday LotusCakeStudio!

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Thanks everyone. :)

I had a bunch of plans for this birthday to spread out the celebrating over 4 days. One night spend in NY with my NJ/NY friends at a club dancing the night away. One night spent here in Philly doing the same thing. One night alone with hubby going out to dinner. Then today going to my temple to do the traditional Hindu handing out of sweets and asking for everyone's blessings. Well, I forgot my birthday was coming up (I am only 28 and already my memory is failing me!) so it was too late to call friends to make plans. Especially on a holiday weekend. I ended up having food poisoning on Monday night anyway and spent most of the week recovering. So much for going out to dinner! But I did go to my temple today. Last year I did a 3-tiered cake. What a pain to cut and serve. This year I did lemon cupcakes and white chocolate buttercream. Much easier.
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And a very Happy Birthday to you LCS! May I suggest next year you enjoy your birthday and have Friendlys do your cake! :eek: Ummm Fudgie the Whale.....:D
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Chrose, I had to ask my husband if he knew what Fudgie the Whale was since I've never eaten at a Friendly's. He said something about it being similar to a cookie puss and just chuckled. I don't even know what a cookie puss is! Now I'm curious... I'm going to stop by a Friendly's and find out! And what the **** is a cookie puss???


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Sorry to be late with wishes but as they say in French mieux vaux tard que jamais... Happy birthday Lotus!!

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