Happy Birthday Fodigger

Joined Jul 2, 2001
Thanks for all the nice posts of well wishes. I as most of you do on yours worked as we had awedding. But my wife and kids stopped by and sang songs and gave me a birthday cake, lemon with lemon icing decorated w/ lemonheads, skittles, orange slices and citrus jellies. Yes I'm a candy fiend. I was quite touched at the thought that they had put into it. And after a 19 hr day I had 2 shots of Patron Anejo and ended the day.
I remember not so many yrs. ago thinking that 40 was pretty old. Now I'm thinking that 60 is looking pretty good. Thanks for all your thoughts, wisdom and advice throughout the year. May your year be as blessed as mine. May you continue to learn from and teach to your peers. And always seek balance in your life.

With sincere thanks and regards, Mike
Joined Nov 20, 2000
Yo, Fo' Happy Birthday young man and thank you for those thoughts, They are truly appreciated I wish I had said them to you first :D
Stay well and have a good year!

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